About CEV

Who and Why?

Of all the inventions happening round the world, much is said and heard. However, at the heart of every great invention is a very simple question: “How to simplify the life of a common man?” Be it the computer or the car, be it plastic or rubber or for that matter a simple pen. Everything was found keeping in mind this simple objective.

In order to make an impact, Cutting-Edge Visionaries first assembled back in January 2013. The main objective of CEV back then was to understand the practical detail of how these simple gadgets work and how we could use the technology behind the same to develop something better. We discussed day-to-day life problems and tried to identify easy cost effective solution by further pondering over the scalability of our solution.

Till date we have organized more than 30 CEV Talks and have got more than 50 Technical Blogs. Ohh! Did you miss them all? No… CEV has got all its CEV Talk & Cool Stuff– Blogs posted here. So you can now have a fair share to all the CEV discussions!!

 Our Motto:-                                                                                                           

To drive innovation by understanding the crux of technology.


What’s in for YOU?

1)      Technical Blogs- The Cool Stuff

At CEV we are developing a CEV Technology Database- a store house of all kinds of technical discussions and blogs for the coming generations. The online knowledge sharing portal for this is @ Cool Stuff Page. You can find blogs on topics under categories such as: Departmental- Civil, Chem, Electronics, Electrical, Comps, Mech, Animation, Movie Making, Internship, Supplement Study Guide for 1st and 2nd year, Paper Presentation, Projects etc. 


2)     CEV Talks

CEV takes pride in providing a platform to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year CEV Members for delivering a talk on their topic of interest. It could be discussion of latest technology or practical implication of how our subjects relate to a theoretical concept. CEV now also records all its CEV Talks so that people from all around the world can gain benefit from our talks!!