Write Blog on Technical Topic Listed below

  1. Opinion on Delhi smog ,pollution issue.
  2. How feasible is the idea of Inhabitation of  Humans on Mars?
  3. Artificial Intelligence a boon or bane?
  4. Is China a Threat to Indian Smartphone Industry?
  5. Every person can write at most one blog.
Note-The winner will get goodies from CEV group.

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A Scary new neighbour: Artifical Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. …

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Self Driving Vehicles: Good idea or a bad idea?

“Laziness is the father of innovations”, beautifully quoted by Mr Stephen Shapiro, an American keynote speaker and businessman. Consider an…

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The Conditional And The Constitutional

Everything in this world is mercurial,even “MY PRECIOUS”,”GOLLUM’S PRECIOUS”,”EVERYONE’S PRECIOUS”. Everything is generally associated with two types of activities,the conditional…

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Cinema and Censorship

On Friday, 4th August 2017 members of Cutting Edge Visionaries met for the first group discussion of the new academic…

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The illusion of security

I was just sitting in a corner and pondering that most of my classmates are joining GATE tuitions for preparation,…

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We All Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes, have struggled and even learn by our mistakes to grow as a prudent leader. When we…

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Differential – A hidden wonder of automobile

While driving a car have you ever wondered how does the engine drive the wheels? How only one engine drives…

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Seven new Worlds found by NASA

My blog is about the 7 new Earth-like planets found in a system that is 40 light years away (3.784×10^13…

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Discussion on Impact of Automation on Jobs

The CEV members met on the 24th of March, 2016 for a general discussion on the impact of automation on…

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Lead-based Paints : Are you breathing to illness?

Lead has been quite useful to mankind since ages, but over the last century, scientists and researchers have discovered the…

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Probability Theory : A short story

Probability theory is probably the least understood area by the general population (except for certain gamblers). As a simple example,…

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CEV Quiz 2k16

1) Which one programming language is exclusively used for artificial intelligence? Ans:- PROLOG 2) “DON’T BE EVIL” is the tagline…

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